A new science of the self


Dr. Jason Jeffrey Jones


November 27, 2023


Ipseology - A new science of the self by Dr. Jason Jeffrey Jones

Ipseology is the study of human identity using large datasets and computational methods.

This book introduces the main ideas and assumes no prior experience. It is written by me, Dr. Jason Jeffrey Jones.

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Jones, J. J. (2023). Ipseology - A new science of the self. Jason Jeffrey Jones Productions. ISBN 979-8-9896544-0-6 https://jasonjones.ninja/ipseology-a-new-science-of-the-self-book/

This book is a living document, begun in December 2022 and first “completed” on November 27, 2023. I added material and reorganized on March 15, 2024. New chapters may appear in the future. The most up-to-date and definitive version lives on the web at https://jasonjones.ninja/ipseology-a-new-science-of-the-self-book/