The Snworb

The Snworb

Snworb Fever

Yes, that's Shondee Rikzer you hear. No, he's not mic'ed up on the field; he's mic'ed up in the recording studio!

The Snworb released two players this week, but the big release everyone is talking about is their new song Snworb Fever.

Forget the playbook; the Snworb have now graced us with a melody, a rhythm, a anthem that encapsulates the spirit of our beloved team. That's right, folks—Snworb Fever is spreading, and there's no vaccine in sight.

Snworb Fever lyrics

There's a team in town you've gotta know about
They're givin' every opponent some doubt
They're fast, they're strong, they're takin' the crown
The Snworb's got everyone dancin' around

Snworb Fever, it's takin' the nation by storm (oh-oh-oh)
Everybody's catchin' on, The Snworb's the new norm (norm)
Get ready for the touchdowns and the cheers (cheers)
It's a touchdown party, let's celebrate Snworb years! (yeah!)

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