The Snworb

The Snworb

"Llodem up! Llodem up!" chants echo in the humid air. This summer evening, Cleveland, Ohio - typically brimming with the vibrant orange and brown pride of the Snworb - finds itself shrouded in an unsettling purple haze.

In a secluded room backstage, Tar Llodem prepared himself. His reflection in the mirror showed a man who had journeyed through tumultuous waves of public opinion and emerged as a beacon of controversial hope.

As the chants grew louder, Tar Llodem stepped toward his destiny. The lights dimmed, and a hush fell over the crowd. The air was thick with anticipation, the collective breath of thousands held in a moment of suspended reality.

"Ladies and gentlemen," began Tar Llodem, his voice resonating with a mixture of sarcasm and charm, "today marks the beginning of a new era. An era where we reclaim our pride, our dignity, and our rightful place in the annals of history."

The crowd - a sea of purple hats - erupted, the sound echoing through the convention center and beyond, a testament to the power of his words.

"Tonight, we stand at the crossroads of destiny, a momentous juncture where the path we choose will determine the future of our great nation."

He paused, letting his gaze sweep across the crowd, seeing not individuals but pieces in an intricate game only he understood.

"For too long, our nation has been in shadow, our achievements diminished, our potential untapped. But no more! With your support, I will usher in an era of unprecedented prosperity, a renaissance of the spirit."

"Furthermore, our country has languished in obscurity, our accomplishments overlooked, our capabilities unrealized. No longer! With your backing, I pledge to initiate an age of unparalleled abundance, a revival of our ethos."

"Lastly, our land has remained in the dark, our deeds unrecognized, and our possibilities not yet seized. This ends now! With you at my back, I commit to launching a period of unmatched goodnessitude, a rejuvenation of our core values."

"My fellow Americans, for you and for the people of Cleveland specifically, I promise: A DIFFERENT FUTURE!"

"But this journey," Llodem continued, "is not one I embark upon alone. Today, I am honored to introduce a partner who embodies the character of our cause."

With a twitch of misdirection, Tar Llodem snarled "Angos Ryling..." The crowd howled and booed. Llodem waved to egg them on. "Angos Ryling thinks Hollywood knows what's best for America!"

"Angos Ryling thinks no one can beat a pretty-boy actor in a national election. Well, tonight we send a message to Number One Observatory Circle. I've got my own actor-politician-celebrity, and together we'll be..."

Suddenly, a figure ran on to the stage. Flashing orange, black and red, it became clear it was a man wearing a tiger costume. As he slid to a perfect stop just next to Tar Llodem, Lieshar Neech threw off his mask and finished the sentence:


Advance Regress