About Human Identities across Nations of the Earth, Ngram Investigator (HINENI)

For over a decade, hundreds of millions of individuals around the world described themselves within their Twitter profile biographies. This site can be used to gauge how popular words, phrases and emojis were in these self-descriptions across nations and over time.

This type of analysis has a name: ipseology. Ipseology is the study of human identity using large datasets and computational methods. Ipseology foregrounds consistent, persistent and precise estimation for temporal analysis (i.e. how identity changes over time).

HINENI is an acronym for Human Identities across Nations of the Earth Ngram Investigator. (Ngrams are series of words.) Hineni (pronounced HEE nuh NEE) is Hebrew for "here I am." It is a fitting moniker for a tool designed for exploring self-descriptions.

Curious? Try your own combination of search terms and countries. Or explore more ipseological analyses.