Update your self.

August 10th is International Update Your Bio Day. Check in on your online profiles and re-evaluate how you describe yourself. That short bit of text will be many people's first impression of you. Does it say everything you would like? Is anything out of date? Use a few minutes today to update your bio. Celebrate your accomplishments and present an updated self. Use the hashtags #BioUpdate and #BioUpdateDay24 to announce your new bio and see others'.

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August 10th is International Update Your Bio Day. It is intended as a fun, made-up, virtual holiday on which we spend a few minutes re-defining our online selves. Why August 10th? It looks about right: 8/10...810...BIO. Get it? International Update Your Bio Day was conceived by Dr. Jason J. Jones, director of the Computational Social Science of Emerging Realities Group.

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How To Update Your Bio

Short instructions for a selection of sites: