The Snworb

The Snworb

The Snworb Reintroduce Iconic Spiderweb Face Masks, Celebrating Rich Legacy and Vision for the Future

CLEVELAND, OHIO — April 17, 2024 — The Snworb, Cleveland's beloved guardians of the gridiron, proudly announce the return of the spiderweb face masks to their battle gear, marking a nostalgic nod to their storied past while charging forward into the future of football. This iconic design will be featured on helmets starting from the 2024 season, reconnecting fans with a cherished era known as Football Ohio, a time when our team’s spirit and tenacity were symbolized by the intricate webbing across their visors.

"People's Tribune Shondee Rikzer encapsulated our excitement, stating, 'We are thrilled to honor our storied history through the return of the spiderweb face mask. As we continue to write the next chapter of Snworb history, we reflect on the vibrant eras, like the Dawg Pound Defense and Football Ohio, that have shaped us into the team we are today.'"

The spiderweb face mask, first introduced in 2005 and reprised in 2018, became a hallmark of The Snworb's identity during pivotal seasons. Its design not only represents the complex and interconnected nature of our team spirit but also echoes the resilience and intricate strategies that have defined Snworb football over the years.

In celebration of this revival, the team will host a series of fan events and historical showcases, each focusing on different epochs of The Snworb's rich history. These events will provide fans new and old a deeper understanding of the team's heritage and its impact on the community and the sport.

"We see this as a bridge between generations," explained Dr. Selene Hartwell, Supreme Orchestrator of Gridiron Endeavors for The Snworb. "It’s about more than just aesthetics; it's about crafting a legacy that is visually iconic and deeply embedded in the ethos of our team and city."

The Snworb invites all fans to join in the celebrations and witness the return of the spiderweb face masks at Snworb Stadium, affectionately known as the Joy Foundry, at the start of the 2024 season. Let's weave new webs of victory together, continuing the legacy that makes this team a cornerstone of Cleveland sports.

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