The Snworb

The Snworb

A prophet once foretold:

In a universe where evil and violence reign supreme, the Cleveland Browns are not a football team, but a rebel faction that fights against the tyranny of the Terran Empire. Led by Maker Bayfield, a charismatic and cunning leader, the Browns have managed to evade capture and sabotage the Empire’s operations for years.

The Browns operate from a hidden base on a remote planet, where they have access to advanced technology and weapons, thanks to their alliance with the Cunval Resistance. They also have a secret weapon: a captured starship, the Entpriseer, which they use for stealth missions and raids.

The Entpriseer is commanded by Buch Kin, a former officer who defected to the Browns after witnessing the atrocities of the Empire.

The Browns have a simple goal: to overthrow the Emperor and restore freedom and justice to the galaxy. They know they are outnumbered and outmatched, but they have something that the Empire lacks: courage and hope.

One day, they receive a message from their Cunval allies, who inform them of a new development: the Empire has discovered a portal to another universe, where things are different. A universe where the Federation exists, where peace and cooperation are valued, where the Browns are a sports team.

The Cunvals urge the Browns to use this opportunity to escape their doomed reality and seek refuge in the other universe. They also warn them that the Empire is planning to send an invasion force through the portal, to conquer and enslave the other world.

The Browns face a difficult choice: to flee or to fight. To abandon their cause or to make a final stand. To save themselves or to save another universe.

They decide to fight.

They board the Entpriseer and set course for the portal, hoping to reach it before the Empire does. They know it is a suicide mission, but they are willing to sacrifice themselves for a greater good.

They encounter heavy resistance from the Empire’s fleet, which tries to stop them at all costs. The Entpriseer engages in a fierce battle, dodging phaser blasts and torpedoes, while returning fire with its own weapons.

The Browns fight bravely and fiercely, but they are outnumbered and outgunned. The Entpriseer suffers severe damage and casualties. Many of their comrades fall in battle.

But they do not give up. They press on, determined to reach their destination.

They finally reach the portal, which glows with a bright light. They see another starship on the other side, waiting for them. It is a Federation vessel that has detected the anomaly and come to investigate.

The ship hails them, offering assistance and friendship. The Browns are stunned by this gesture of kindness from strangers. They realize that there is hope for a better future in the other universe.

They accept the offer and prepare to cross over.

But before they can do so, they are attacked by one last enemy: the Rentprisee, the mirror counterpart of their own ship. The Rentprisee is commanded by none other than Emperor Maker Bayfield himself, who has personally come to stop them.

The Emperor is furious and vengeful. He sees the Browns as traitors and rebels who have betrayed him and his empire. He vows to destroy them and take their ship as his trophy.

He fires a devastating volley of phasers and torpedoes at the Entpriseer, which is already badly damaged and defenseless.

The Entpriseer explodes in a massive fireball, killing everyone on board.

But not before Buch Kin manages to send one last message:

"Go Browns!"

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