the study of human identity
using large datasets
and computational methods

The Jason Jeffrey Jones Award for Excellence in Ipseology Visualization recognizes graduate students who create informative visual presentations of ipseology data.


Graduate students only are eligible for the award.


A $200 award will be granted to one submission each round. Submissions and the process of selection are defined below.


Submissions are due July 15, 2022, 11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth.


Send an email to jason.j.jones@stonybrook.edu containing your name, affiliation, visualization and up-to-500-word description. Use the subject line: Ipseology Visualization.


A submission consists of a data visualization accompanied by a verbal description. The visualization shall consist of one graphic file of any format widely supported by web browsers. It is required that the visualization make use of A dataset for the study of identity at scale: Annual Prevalence of American Twitter Users with specified Token in their Profile Bio 2015–2020. Research article   Data

The visualization may depict any relationship, comparison, summary or other representation, as long as it pertains to human identity.

The verbal description must be 100 words minimum and 500 words maximum. References do not count toward the word count. The verbal description will guide the reader through the visualization with an emphasis on explaining what is depicted.

IMPORTANT: The visualization should be interpretable on its own. The verbal description is supplementary and not necessary to understanding the visualization.

Copyright of the figure and text remain with the author. The author is encouraged to make the work available under a Creative Commons license.

Students may submit only once per round. (There will be multiple rounds in 2022.) If multiple submissions are received from the same person in one round, only the most recent will be considered. A non-winning submission may be re-submitted to the next round.


The selection committee consists of Dr. Jason Jeffrey Jones. From all submissions, he will choose one to receive the award each round. He will notify the winner and make arrangements to send the award money directly to the recipient.

Previous Winners

Ipseology is the new study of identity. It is the investigation of ipseity: personal identity, selfhood and the essential elements of identity.

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