Dashboard Scientist Manifesto

Data is everything there is. All theory is bunk.

Put the data where all can see. PDFs are not portable. Do you want to read a PDF on your phone? After you've paid? Or proxied your internet through your university's library, because of course that's something you want to do. Forget all of that.

Make it open. If it isn't open, it isn't science. Open means open to everyone. Free, publicly available, here's the link. Nothing else.


We are social scientists. We ask "why do people do the silly things they do?"

The pandemic descends. We were social scientists. We are dashboard scientists now.

The PDF is dead again. It died of complications from COVID-19.

Make your work live online, updating and updateable. Heed the call for temporal validity. The measure of a scientist should be the utility of one's dashboard.


We still wonder "why do people do the silly things they do?" and for answers we now say: Look to the dashboard. Yes, the dashboard!

We are dashboard scientists.

We shall track.

We shall forecast.

We shall predict.

We shall wonder why we were so silly.